Good Microbes in our Indoor Spaces...Architectural Yogurt

Good Microbes in our Indoor Spaces...Architectural Yogurt

Ted Talk by Jessica Green..."Are We Filtering the Wrong Microbes?"

Jessica Green presents this fascinating concept in her Ted Talk, "Are We Filtering the Wrong Microbes." Click the link above to listen.

Our Lives Indoors

We spend at least 90% of our lives indoors - whether at home, school or the office.  Keeping those spaces clean is top-of-mind lately.  We are told to disinfect over and over, to eliminate bad bacteria and viruses - pathogens that might hurt us.  But what about all of the good bacteria - the ones that create healthy microflora in our environments?  They are also killed by the anti-bacterial products that we use on a daily basis. Even the air we breath should have a rainforest-like diversity of healthy bacteria, just like the air in outdoor spaces.  But when we trap air indoors and filter it, we lose much of beneficial microbial diversity.  Mechanical air filtration in these extremely controlled environments creates a much less diverse ecosystem.  Most of the microbes found in the air inside buildings and homes are associated with humans, species that are shed from our skin or from respiratory secretions.  

Understanding Cleenr Products

Cleenr products contain stabilized Lactobacillus bacterial cultures.  These are beneficial live cultures, derived from soil bacterial species.  The bacteria in our products is classified by the universal standard called the ATCC (American Type Culture Collection). We are committed to bringing probiotics to our environments, whether our skin, surfaces, air and fabrics.

Our line of probiotic cleaning products represent a healthy cleaning product paradigm shift.  Stop disinfecting and eliminating bacteria, and start cultivating diverse ecosystems that are more like outdoor spaces.  With a large microbial diversity, and rich in bacteria that are associated with soil, we can add to the biodiversity of our homes and buildings.  Just like digestive probiotics, we can think of probiotic cleaners in the same way - the architectural yogurt that we add to our indoor spaces! 

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